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You, the Career // Workshop

Don’t just book a job. Light a fire under your career.

Life as a professional actor is unlike any other professional life. Navigating a competitive industry, maintaining an artistic practice, and developing the resilience and character needed to keep yourself in the game take practice.

For the first time, we’re opening our comprehensive career approach to actors outside of our studio.

DO NOT WAIT. Workshops book up fast and are limited to 10 participants each.

Seriously, reach out to us now or browse our upcoming events.


Based on the top-selling book You, the Career, this is the only comprehensive career approach to be hosted by SAG/AFTRA, and is the most in-depth approach to an actor’s career available in Hollywood. Developed by one of LA’s most sought-after acting teachers and cultural innovators Benjamin Mathes, this 4-week, professional class will challenge, liberate, and ground you in your most valuable asset—you.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to thrive in one of the most challenging industries in the world.

Collaborate with fellow actors in a nurturing, small-group setting to examine the Corporate Economy mindset responsible for an actor’s deepest blocks and to develop a Creative Economy mindset to unlock your career potential and build the career you want without losing the person you are.

Get the Details

This 4-class, in-depth workshop is designed to revolutionize the way you approach your acting career by shifting the way you think about acting, the industry, and your role in it. It includes group exercises, discussion, solo brainstorms, and MUCH more.


Each participant receives:

  • 16 hours of extensive small group career guidance

  • 130-page workbook only available to participants

  • 25-page exclusive toolkit with useful tracking methods, reading lists, and even resources for parking in the city (it’s the little things, right?!)

  • 200-person contact list including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, website, and contact details for NYC & LA casting directors

  • 1 hour-long, 1-on-1 career consultation with Crash Acting founder Benjamin Mathes

Workshop takeaways include:

  • Insights on how to align your artistic, personal, and professional goals.

  • Strategies on building a life-long acting career.

  • Understanding of the Corporate Economy and how it is holding you back.

  • Understanding of the Creative Economy and how you can thrive within it.

  • Knowledge of the 8 voices you need to stop listening to(Hint: they’re not what you think!)

  • Proven tactics to enhance your social media presence and network without fear.

  • Listing of the 3 steps you can take every day to help you develop a healthy, balanced, and unshakable career for the rest of your life, REGARDLESS of industry changes.


This 4-week course is $450 and meets at Crash Acting Studio in Los Angeles on Wednesdays from 7:00–11:00pm.

We believe in this work deeply and want to make it accessible to everyone.
If you have financial concerns, please reach out. Payment plans are available.

Watch Video Testimonials from Workshop Participants

After the 4 workshop sessions you will have a deeper understanding of what is blocking you from the career you want, new strategies to improve resilience and perseverance, and day-to-day administrative tools to aid you long after the workshop is over.

It’s time to get serious. It’s time to go further. 

Please note: Each workshop is limited to 10 participants. To be eligible to participate in a workshop, you must be available for all dates and times and complete all assignments. You may cancel and receive a refund of your deposit up to two weeks before your scheduled workshop start date. Refunds are not available after your workshop’s scheduled start date.

In today’s dynamic industry, too many actors experience professional stagnation and artistic frustration. It seems like every day the game is changing, and yesterday’s hustle isn’t good enough for tomorrow’s success. Because of this, every year more actors leave this industry than join it. 

Do you want to:

  • Identify & bust through EVERY block holding you back?

  • Master proven strategies for professional, personal, and artistic growth?

  • Get from where you are to where you want to be?

  • Meet some of the coolest people in the city and broaden your community?

If so, contact us to apply for a spot in an upcoming workshop today. We're excited to help take you to the next level of your career!

Get ready to work hard and be inspired.