Crash Acting

You, the Career // Keynote

1 to 3 Hours | Ideal for Theatre Students at Major Universities

Life as a professional actor is unlike any other professional life. Designed as a holistic approach to career administration for actors, this keynote will give each listener the tools necessary to start, maintain, and continue a career in the entertainment industry. Rooted in artistic principles developed in one of Los Angeles’ most influential acting studios, this workshop will teach you have to have the career you want without losing the life you have.

Participants will leave with a clear understanding of:

  • How to align your artistic and professional goals

  • What it takes to build a life-long acting career

  • The Corporate Economy and how it’s holding you back

  • The 8 voices you need to stop listening to(Hint: they're not what you think!)

  • The Creative Economy and how you can thrive in it

  • The 3 things you can do every day that that will help you develop a healthy, balanced, and unshakable career for the rest of your life, regardless of industry changes.


About the Speaker

Benjamin Mathes is a speaker who helps people maximize their creativity. He has delivered keynote addresses and led workshops for schools and organizations across the country, including Citrix, Vistage, Girl Scouts of America, PrimePower Services, WeWork, AdVentures, DePauw University, Auburn University, University of California–Irvine, and many more.

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“Benjamin GETS IT. He is one of us and has figured out true psychology of getting work and continuing a lifestyle with shared dignity and heart!”

– SAG/AFTRA Workshop Attendee

“Benjamin Mathes is a truly inspirational speaker. When you invite him into your classroom, you get so much more than a “speaker”. He gives all of himself to the students with honesty, sincerity, humor and warmth. What is most special about his work is the incredible amount that you learn about your students. Ben has a natural gift for creating and fostering a positive and accepting community with a call to action. It doesn’t matter if you have a group of artists, designers, nurses or engineers; the work that Ben promotes is inspirational and relevant to any industry since his focus is on the human behind the work, not the work itself. In just an hour and a half, students (and their teachers) feel uplifted and connected to one another in a unique way that usually takes instructors an entire semester to achieve. Ben Mathes is a motivating speaker, mentor, listener, and friend to the entire group. His message of inclusiveness and self-exploration is needed now more than ever for people of all ages and backgrounds.”

— Jessica Hansen | Associate Professor of Theatre, East LA College

“Every organization could use Benjamin's work. There's not a space too big or a moment too small.”

— Evans Jarnefeldt | Assistant Professor, Chattanooga State University

“Our time with Benjamin was much more than a workshop. His refined methods of communication and teaching go beyond inspiration. He instantly pulls you in on his rich experiences, while walking right beside you on your own journey. We not only came away more aware of our personal areas for growth, but on an existential level, we grew in awareness of humanity’s need for one another. I would highly recommend anyone seeking to improve their own story of interpersonal life to explore what Benjamin has to offer.”

— Trip Hughes | Arts Chair, Fellowship Christian School, Atlanta

“I walked out a better person than when I walked in.”

— SAG/AFTRA Workshop Attendee

“Benjamin collaborated with the Citrix Learning and Development team to produce a “Listening to Win” workshop at our largest sales event of the year. His passion and empathy resonated with sales people, systems engineers, and support employees of all levels, from front line to Executive. His ability to walk the line between creative, “real-world” research from the streets and a corporate, highly visible corporate presentation demonstrated talent and flexibility. Our organization values integrity and having the “courage” to go beyond what’s typical. He makes a difference in a way I haven’t seen before and hope to see again. ”

— Jill Hymson | Learning and Development Manager, Citrix

“A great way to look at expanding our resilience in a tough industry!”

— SAG/AFTRA Workshop Attendee