Crash Acting

Acting done different.

Crash Acting is an ongoing scene study course that uses a unique, guerrilla-style approach to acting. It’s for those seeking a more fulfilling and sustaining way to work as an actor today.

Be part of a supportive and ever-growing community that has included guest and series regulars on network television and major motion pictures, Grammy and Emmy award winners, and Ovation and Tony award nominees.

Don't just book a job. Light a fire under your career.

Apply to Audit a Crash Acting Class

Are you looking for a challenge? Are you serious about your acting career? Are you ready to join a community that supports one another? Use the form below to apply to audit a class.

While not everyone who applies will be offered an audit, we give careful consideration to every application we receive.

Tell us as much as you can about yourself, your experience as an actor, and your hopes for your career. We’re excited to know more about you.

Note: To protect the quality of the room and the audit experience, a $35 audit fee is required to audit.

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What Students Are Saying…

Vulnerability is not easy, but it is necessary and part of the authentic portrayal of a character. Working with Ben fills my artistic soul and constant desire to be more truthful, more vulnerable, more adaptive to my growth – and to combine all of that into a character of any size, shape, or motive.
— J.R. BOURNE // Teen Wolf, Arrow, Suits, UnREAL, Stargate SG-1

I love this class! In such a short time, Ben’s profoundly simple methodology and incredibly insightful perspectives have opened me into a truth and freedom in my work that I’ve never known before. I’m truly grateful to have found this gem of a teacher!
— BRIAN IBSEN // Masters of Sex, Criminal Minds, Sequestered, The Rainmaker (Broadway)

If you spend time in Benjamin’s class you will become a better actor. It’s that simple and true.
— ADRIAN ALITA // Head of Acting, San Diego State University

Best acting class I’ve had in LA! It’s not only an acting class . . . it’s a life class. Ben Mathes is absolutely incredible and wise! The community I’ve created by being in this class has kept me going through some tough times in this crazy industry.

Benjamin’s focus is on developing a process for the actor that is applicable in the real world. He’s passionate, dedicated, and one of the most effective teachers in LA.
— DAVID CARSON // Director, Star Trek Generations, Unstoppable

His insight into text, his ability to guide the students and enthuse over his findings, his passion and dedication for everything he throws himself into, makes Benjamin an outstanding teacher. Above all perhaps, I have come to know him as a person, and have the greatest admiration and respect for his intelligence and integrity. His understanding and compassion for human frailty is another of his great attributes, coupled with his easy and disarming sense of humor. Great acting teachers don’t get much better than him.
— JAMES WARWICK // Alias, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Former President of Theatre of Arts

What happens after I apply to audit? 

If your application is approved, you’ll receive an invitation to audit one of our classes: Sunday night 6–10 pm or Tuesday night 7–11 pm.

If it feels like a good fit, you’ll be invited to enroll. You can do that in person after your audit or via an emailed invitation.

When and Where

Crash Acting classes are held on Sundays from 6 to 10pm and Tuesdays from 7 to 11pm at Crash Acting Studio in Los Angeles.

Crash Acting Studio
1924 Raymond Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90007