Find what scares you. Then do it.

“It ain't rocket surgery.”

— Benjamin Mathes // head acting teacher


Crash Acting Class is a scene study course that takes an imagination-based, guerilla approach to acting: no academic language, no picking at old wounds—just a streamlined, personalized process rooted in free exploration and deep belief. Each student’s experience is different because each student is different.

Are we inspired by and steeped in the work of Meisner, Stanislavski, Hagen, and the rest? Yes. Do we use their specific techniques in class? No. 

Our core areas of focus include:

  • Developing a flexible process that works for each actor
  • Elevating believability and maximizing freedom
  • Identifying and dismantling our blocks
  • Learning how to navigate the industry for a long and satisfying career

Crash actors are known for their unshakeable ease, contained stillness, and fullness of belief—onstage and in life. They have appeared as guest and series regulars on network television and major motion pictures, won Grammy and Emmy awards, and received nominations for Ovation and Tony awards.


Crash Acting Class students choose one of two nights:

  • Sunday 6–10pm
  • Tuesday 7–11pm


Raven Playhouse in North Hollywood
5233 Lankershim Blvd, Los Angeles 91601 


Benjamin Mathes, head acting teacher at Crash, has worked with Academy Award-winning actors, producers, and directors. He has been on faculty at numerous universities worldwide and is the author of two books on the creative process. Read more about Benjamin. 


  • $225/month, 10% of which is donated to a charity chosen by a different student each month
  • A non-refundable deposit of $225 is also collected upon joining and is applied to the student’s last month in class
  • A $35 Audit Fee is required for students who wish to audit


Vulnerability is not easy, but it is necessary and part of the authentic portrayal of a character. Working with Ben fills my artistic soul and constant desire to be more truthful, more vulnerable, more adaptive to my growth – and to combine all of that into a character of any size, shape, or motive.” 

— J.R. Bourne // Teen Wolf, Arrow, Suits, UnREAL, Stargate SG-1

Wait, you only offer one class?

Yup. Crash Acting Class takes a holistic, decompartmentalized approach to help you start learning what you need to learn right now—all in one class.

Think of it like a symphony: The individual parts only make sense when you hear them together. That’s how we approach actor training. 

With extensive experience as a Fitzmaurice teacher, film producer, and acting teacher, Benjamin Mathes addresses all the elements of an actor’s process during a single session. As a result, students get the chance to explore not just how they’re using their voice and body, but how they fit into the world of the scene—no need for separate on-camera, voice, movement, or script analysis classes.

Questions about Crash and our process? Read our FAQs.

How to enroll

Step 1: Apply to audit a Crash Acting Class

Just like you're looking for the right class, we're looking for the right students. Before we rush into anything, we want to be sure we're a good fit for each other. Apply to audit now.

Step 2: Choose your night

If your application is approved, you will be invited to check out one of our two classes: Sunday night 6–10 pm or Tuesday night 7–11 pm. 

Step 3: Enroll

If everything feels right after you’ve audited a class, you're all set to enroll. You can enroll at your audit or via an emailed invitation.

Who gets in?

We’re looking for actors who are:

  • Committed to acting as a career
  • Open to approaching acting as art, not just a shot at fame
  • Looking to connect with others and develop within a community

Many Crash Acting students and alumni are busy, working actors in TV, film, and theatre. But we never mistake fame for greatness.

Read more about our take on acting (and life) on our blog.