Crash Journal {Unstuck Yourself}

Crash Journal {Unstuck Yourself}


It's time to pull your feet from the tar, to jump from the plateau, to break down the wall, to slay the giant, to step into danger. It's time to go from where you are, to where you'd like to be.

It's time to get unstuck.

Made in the USA with durable chipboard front and back covers, CRASH (unstuck yourself) is a 100-page interactive journal with prompts by Benjamin Mathes designed to empower artistic recovery and expansion. 


Here's what people are saying:

“For any artist who has at one time or another felt uncertainty, doubt, confusion, misdirection, dried up inspiration, frustration, exhaustion, fear, emptiness, or isolation, and is trying to rediscover that spark that started you in the first place - Benjamin Mathes has just created the fuel for your fire.” 

— Kyle Selig, Broadway: Mean Girls, Book of Mormon, Pippin


“The CRASH Journal is a great tool for exploring one’s inner thoughts and feelings as well as for helping to bond a group through transparency and vulnerability.  The ways to use it are endless as it is filled with simple and probing questions about what’s important in life.  Fun, easy, effective.”

— Mark P Murphy, Advisor to CEO’s, Inc. and Vistage Chair


"I don’t know if self knowledge or introspection can be taught, but it's with simplicity and humility that Ben Mathes damn sure tries. The journal is nothing short of thought provoking, and I couldn't recommend more." 

— Thomas Yungerberg, Emmy Award-Winning Producer


"This Journal is the most innovative, challenging, and provocative journal I've ever encountered.  I used it for a CEO retreat and a Vistage Chair retreat with spectacular outcomes--loved it!"

Linda Hughes, President, Hughes and Associates, Inc and Vistage Chair


"This journal is a gentle provocation to step into danger" 

— Elena De La Fuente, Actress


"This journal, like its author, has compelled me to view my life - and the world - in new, honest, surprising, and occasionally even redemptive ways. Some pages are definitely harder to work through than others, and of course that's the point; we can't get anywhere worthwhile without confronting the giants in our minds." 

— Daniel Koh, Music Director, Actor


"It's one thing to write about the things you want and need to do, this journal challenges you to do them. Brilliant." 

— Kyle McCleary, Actor


"The UnStuck Yourself Journal is a baffling creation. Like Steven Pressfield's The War of Art it stirs you to action, but unlike the former, UnStuck Yourself incites you to action, forcing you to face your deep artistic fears as well as bring to the surface all the gold inside yourself you forgot you had. A must have for any aspiring artist, creative person, or anyone in any walk of life who feels, well, stuck." 

Keshava Betts, Actor


"The merits of journaling for psychological health have long been espoused by mental health professionals. Ben Mathes takes it a step further by prompting the artist into deep exploration of the intrapersonal psyche through examinations of unconscious truths, reframing negative thoughts, and meaning making. These existential discoveries not only aid the artist in their quest for creative momentum, but support the individual in fostering self care, authenticity, and well-being."   

— Jamie Elvey, MFA, MA Counseling Psychology, MFTi

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