They say Los Angeles is a “what can you do for me” city. That actors in this industry can be self-absorbed and single-minded. Well, we’re working to change all that and more.

Students start making valuable connections the moment they walk into class. Many opportunities to work professionally arise out of simply showing up each week. At Crash Acting, positivity and support aren’t niceties, they’re necessities. We have each other’s backs, and together we have the greater community’s back.

Within class, Crash Acting students:

  • Learn from Crash Acting founder Benjamin Mathes, co-founding instructors, and their peers

  • Participate in a variety of actor training exercises, including scene work and course talks

  • Join peer-led career groups to discover and share new approaches to their work and careers

  • Work with casting directors and feature film directors, thanks to Benjamin’s involvement in both the film and theatre industries

  • Dive deep into working with casting agents, booking jobs, and navigating the acting scene


Vulnerability is not easy, but it is necessary and part of the authentic portrayal of a character. Working with Ben fills my artistic soul and constant desire to be more truthful, more vulnerable, more adaptive to my growth – and to combine all of that into a character of any size, shape, or motive.” 

— J.R. Bourne // Teen Wolf, Arrow, Suits, UnREAL, Stargate SG-1