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Crash Acting // Class

A scene study-based guerilla approach to acting.

They say Los Angeles is a “what can you do for me” city. That actors in this industry can be self-absorbed and single-minded. Well, we’re working to change all that and more.

Students start making valuable connections the moment they walk into class. Many opportunities to work professionally arise out of simply showing up each week. At Crash Acting, positivity and support aren’t niceties, they’re necessities. We have each other’s backs, and together we have the greater community’s back.

Within class, Crash Acting students:

  • Learn from Crash Acting founder Benjamin Mathes, co-founding instructors, and their peers

  • Participate in a variety of actor training exercises, including scene work and course talks

  • Join peer-led career groups to discover and share new approaches to their work and careers

  • Work with casting directors and feature film directors, thanks to Benjamin’s involvement in both the film and theatre industries

  • Dive deep into working with casting agents, booking jobs, and navigating the acting scene


“Vulnerability is not easy, but it is necessary and part of the authentic portrayal of a character. Working with Ben fills my artistic soul and constant desire to be more truthful, more vulnerable, more adaptive to my growth—and to combine all of that into a character of any size, shape, or motive.”

— J.R. Bourne | Teen Wolf • Arrow • Suits • UnREAL • Stargate SG-1


“Best acting class I’ve had in LA! It’s not only an acting class . . . it’s a life class. Ben Mathes is absolutely incredible and wise! The community I’ve created by being in this class has kept me going through some tough times in this crazy industry.”

— Mariana B.


“I love this class! In such a short time, Ben’s profoundly simple methodology and incredibly insightful perspectives have opened me into a truth and freedom in my work that I’ve never known before. I’m truly grateful to have found this gem of a teacher!”

— Brian Ibsen | Masters of Sex • Criminal Minds • Sequestered • The Rainmaker (Broadway)


“It’s as much an artist community as anything else, and the people that I’ve met through the class are undoubtedly the real deal—as artists and as human beings. Benjamin Mathes, thanks for your wisdom and guidance thus far, and for your unwavering dedication to your craft. It’s truly inspiring, and my faith in why I continue to pursue this artistic medium is renewed with each and every class.” 

— Sam K.


What We’re About

Everything we do at Crash Acting is built on one or more of The Four Pillars of an Actor’s Foundation: Purpose, Community, Practice, and Administration. 

Purpose: The big picture.

We’re all about passion. But passion runs out. What’s your cause? What’s really driving you? It’s okay to not be completely sure yet.

Community: Who’s got your back?

No matter what we’re doing, we can do it better together. Community means having people you’d rather fail with than succeed without. 

Practice: We’re serious about this stuff.

Treating acting as a practice and not just a hobby means keeping at it. We make a habit out of confronting our blocks and attacking them head-on.

Administration: Taking your art into the world.

All the training in the world won’t take your career to the next level—not on its own. This is where you begin treating your work like a livelihood rather than a hobby.


What is Crash Acting Class?

Crash Acting Class is a scene study course that takes a guerilla approach to acting: head first, with no prescribed “method.” Each student’s experience is different because each student is different. We focus most on what’s most helpful to you, right now. Our priorities are taking risks, accepting and saying “yes,” confronting our blocks, and supporting each other’s professional and personal growth.

How often is class?

One night a week; students choose their night to work: Sundays from 6 to 10pm — Mondays from 7 to 10pm — or Tuesdays from 7 to 11pm. Note: Students have access to all twelve hours of class per week and may attend both classes; however, they only work one night per week.

When and where is class?

Class is held Sundays from 6-10pm, Mondays 7-11pm, and Tuesdays from 7-11pm at:

Crash Acting Studio
1924 Raymond Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90007

How much is class?

Classes are $225/month + a $225 one-time, nonrefundable deposit (applied to a student’s last month in class). To protect the quality of the class, a $35 audit fee is required from all students who wish to audit.  

How many weeks/months does class last?

Crash Acting Class is an ongoing course without set start or end dates. Once a student is invited to enroll, they can start attending class immediately. However, we always encourage students to take their work beyond the classroom. Since many students book work while attending class, we offer a leave of absence policy for working actors when the industry requires their time.

Can I produce something in the class space?

Yes! One of the benefits of being enrolled in Crash Acting Class is the opportunity to participate in Crash Acting Workshop Productions. Click HERE to fill out a survey if you’re a current student interested in putting up work in the space.

Can you help me with my resume? My monologue? My Liverpool accent?

Nothing’s off the table. If you’ve got something specific (or very specific) you’re working on, let us know. If we can help, we will.