Don’t just book a job. Light a fire under your career.

Everything we do at Crash Acting is built on four pillars: Purpose, Community, Practice, and Administration. 

The Four Pillars of an Actor’s Foundation


Purpose – The big picture
We’re all about passion. But passion runs out. What’s your cause? What’s really driving you? It’s okay to not be completely sure yet.

Community – Who’s got your back?
No matter what we’re doing, we can do it better together. Community means having people you’d rather fail with than succeed without.

Practice – We’re serious about this stuff
Treating acting as a practice and not just a hobby means keeping at it. We make a habit out of confronting our blocks and attacking them head-on.

Administration – Taking your art into the world
This is You, Inc. It’s where your art meets the business of being an actor—and it’s absolutely crucial. 



“Benjamin’s focus is on developing a process for the actor that is applicable in the real world. He’s passionate, dedicated, and one of the most effective teachers in LA.” 

— David Carson // Director, Star Trek Generations, Unstoppable

What we mean by career “administration”

All the training in the world won’t take your career to the next level—not on its own. Our fourth pillar, administration, is about taking your acting seriously and treating it like a livelihood rather than a hobby.


All class work pertains directly to real-life, professional situations

Major casting directors and feature film directors often attend class to observe and work with students, thanks to the teacher’s unique position in the film and theatre industries.

Students join career groups within the class to learn and share strategies.

Annual breakout classes, open to all students, get deep into the details of working with casting agents, booking jobs, and navigating the acting scene like a seasoned professional.

Students start making valuable connections the moment they walk into class. Many opportunities to work professionally arise out of simply showing up each week.


To find out what our students are saying about how Crash Acting has helped boost their careers, visit our Testimonials page.

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