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You, the Career // Book

There is a career that only you can create. This book will show you how.

Developed by Benjamin Mathes in one of Los Angeles's most prestigious underground acting studios, You, the Career will revolutionize the way you relate to the hustle, the industry, and the actor you want to become.


Drawing from his 25 years in the industry as an actor, producer, and cultural entrepreneur, Mathes helps you understand industry dynamics and shows you how to reclaim your creative power from managers, casting directors, and agents.

Inspiring, challenging, and full of useful tools, this book is perfect for the beginner and the veteran actor.


What People Are Saying

“A profound and practical guiding voice in an ever-changing and unsure industry.”

— Kyle Selig | Broadway: Mean Girls • Book of Mormon • Pippin


“I absolutely love the simple yet profound way You, the Career guides the reader to smash their false beliefs and step into their power, their true selves. Mathes reminds us how special and unique we truly are, redirecting our external seeking, and calling us to go inward.”

— Kylie Bunbury | Game Night • Pitch • The Sitter • Twisted • Under the Dome


“Hands down the best book I’ve read when it comes to reigniting your creative passion, rewriting your outlook, and digging deep into your process as an artist.  It made me think a lot!”

— Cody Kearsley | Riverdale • Power Rangers


“You have to get this book. Period.”

— Elizabeth Terrel | Associate Professor of Voice and Movement, Western Michigan University
Author: Auditioning for Actor Training Programs


“In You, the Career Ben Mathes has written a book as accessible as it is important. Its simplicity and wisdom is a marked difference from the ‘How to Make it in Hollywood’ books most gurus plug relentlessly. It really should be required reading for any artist starting out, as well as any creative who is tired or stuck in the same patterns. I wish I’d read this at the start of my career—it would have saved me from a great deal of needless worry and self-harm and focused me on the much more important values that every artist should have.”

— Daniel Sharman | Teen Wolf • The Originals • Fear the Walking Dead • Medici


“I keep it by me at all times, especially on set. You, the Career is simple, fun, and a constant reminder that we are enough, that we are worthy, that we are not just working a job but collaborating on making an impact together. I loved it.”

— Seth Michaels | Nip/Tuck • CSI • Pelé: Birth of a Legend • Eden 


“This book is gold. It's so different from everything else out there.”

— Helenna Santos | Actor • Producer • Founder of Ms. In The Biz


“Written in a savvy, social media-esque style, Mathes infuses love, community, and an abundance of mental wealth within its pages. A must-read book for actors of all heritages. Benjamin promotes an economy of creativity for the reader, calling for a deep, rich investment in the person and not the persona.”

Dr. Sharrell D. Luckett, Ph.D | Professor of Drama & Performance Studies, University of Cincinnati


“I can guarantee that this experience will probably feel like that time you weren't even looking for new jeans at the mall but you tried them on and you had to have them because they made you feel so good. You could do anything in those jeans. Ben is those jeans. Parking will be validated.” 

Harrison Scott Key | Thurber Award-winning author of The World’s Tallest Man