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They say Los Angeles is a “what can you do for me” city. That actors in this industry can be self-absorbed and single-minded. Well, we’d like to change that.

At Crash Acting, positivity and support aren’t niceties, they’re necessities. In fact, having a community and having a purpose are two of the four pillars we build our acting careers on. We have each other’s backs, and together we have the greater community’s back.

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The Crash Acting Community


Accountability groups help students challenge each other, keep each other on track, and apply our collective experiences to navigate the ups and downs of being a professional actor

Writers groups give actors and writers within the community the chance to develop and improve their material. There’s nothing like getting a piece “on its feet,” and there’s no better way to become a better writer than through immediate feedback and constructive workshopping

CrashCamp, our weekly workout, is an outdoor, boot camp-style acting workshop that brings actors from around the city together for some exercise, free play, and community-building social time.

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“It’s as much an artist community as anything else, and the people that I’ve met through the class are undoubtedly the real deal—as artists and as human beings. Benjamin Mathes, thanks for your wisdom and guidance thus far, and for your unwavering dedication to your craft. It’s truly inspiring, and my faith in why I continue to pursue this artistic medium is renewed with each and every class.” 

— Sam K.


Without something to ground you and fuel your work, it’s easy to lose your way. Just ask half the actors in Hollywood—including the famous ones. 

Purpose is an integral part of what we do at Crash Acting.


Crash Acting Class gives 10% of every month’s tuition to a charity chosen by a student. So far, we’ve chipped in tens of thousands of dollars to help nonprofits around the country.

Urban Confessional: A Free Listening Project is another way students give to the community while honing their craft. By standing on street corners and holding signs that say “Free Listening,” we offer a caring ear to anyone in need of one—and learn more about the simple art of honest, genuine listening. 
Learn more about Urban Confessional.


Generosity is the heart of the artist. What can we do for you, Los Angeles?

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