What people are saying about Crash Acting

Believe it or not, it’s rare in this city to find a teacher who is truthful about the craft of acting and the search for an authentic form of storytelling. I’ve had the privilege in my career to study with some of those individuals that strive for truthfulness, authenticity, and – one of them being Ben Mathes. It’s not just the attentiveness that he carries throughout his observation of the work, but his sharing of notes and desire to get his students to those places of ease and, yes, comfort in the uncomfortable. Vulnerability is not easy, but it is necessary and part of the authentic portrayal of a character. Working with Ben fills my artistic soul and constant desire to be more truthful, more vulnerable, more adaptive to my growth – and to combine all of that into a character of any size, shape, or motive.
— J.R. BOURNE // Teen Wolf, Arrow, UnREAL, Stargate SG-1

I love this class! In such a short time, Ben’s profoundly simple methodology and incredibly insightful perspectives have opened me into a truth and freedom in my work that I’ve never known before. I’m truly grateful to have found this gem of a teacher!
— BRIAN IBSEN // Masters of Sex, Criminal Minds, Sequestered, The Rainmaker (Broadway)

If you spend time in Benjamin’s class you will become a better actor. It’s that simple and true.
— ADRIAN ALITA // Head of Acting, San Diego State University

Best acting class I’ve had in LA! It’s not only an acting class . . . it’s a life class. Ben Mathes is absolutely incredible and wise! The community I’ve created by being in this class has kept me going through some tough times in this crazy industry.

Benjamin’s focus is on developing a process for the actor that is applicable in the real world. He’s passionate, dedicated, and one of the most effective teachers in LA.
— DAVID CARSON // Director: Star Trek Generations, Unstoppable

It’s as much an artist community as anything else, and the people that I’ve met through the class are undoubtedly the real deal—as artists and as human beings. Benjamin Mathes, thanks for your wisdom and guidance thus far, and for your unwavering dedication to your craft. It’s truly inspiring, and my faith in why I continue to pursue this artistic medium is renewed with each and every class.
— SAM K.

I honestly have no idea what I’d be doing if I wasn’t in this class. It doesn’t have a deadline. It’s not a four-weeks-and-done type of deal. It’s a safe, welcoming space where you can stay as long as you want and work on whatever you want. I’ve been in the class for four years, and it’s an amazing feeling to witness not only yourself, but others in class grow and learn. There’s laughs and tears, struggles and triumphs. It’s a class on how to be a real life person when you’re acting, not just acting like a different person. Stop by for a night, you’ll be hooked!

His insight into text, his ability to guide the students and enthuse over his findings, his passion and dedication for everything he throws himself into, makes Benjamin an outstanding teacher. Above all perhaps, I have come to know him as a person, and have the greatest admiration and respect for his intelligence and integrity. His understanding and compassion for human frailty is another of his great attributes, coupled with his easy and disarming sense of humor. Great acting teachers don’t get much better than him.
— JAMES WARWICK // Alias, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Former President of Theatre of Arts

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